Firmware Update Process

Autopilot firmware is updated via the USB expansion port on ALTA Pro located in the chassis closeout between booms 1 and 2. To update firmware download the latest FW files from the ALTA Pro Firmware page and follow the instructions below:

  1. Download the latest ALTA Pro FW from the ALTA Pro Firmware page on the support website.

  2. Plug in a USB cable to your computer. Leave the other end unplugged from ALTA Pro for now.

  3. Remove the chassis closeout between Booms 1 and 2 to reveal the expansion board.

  4. Hold down the USB MSC Button on the expansion board while plugging in the USB C to the expansion board on ALTA Pro.

  5. Enter the new folder now available in your file explorer. You should see a folder named FF-ALTA PRO.

  6. Replace the ‘Freefly’ folder in the folder called FF-ALTA PRO with the new one downloaded from the website.

  7. Unplug ALTA Pro from the USB and then apply battery power while holding down the Boot button on the expansion board.

  8. ALTA Pro should display a pink light to show it is updating its FW. Once complete the system will boot normally and display flashing green orientation lights and a flashing white status light.

Test radio channels, arming, and disarming behavior after firmware updates to ensure radio mapping has been preserved. Incorrect radio mapping can lead to loss of control.

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