Updating your Wifi Password and SSID

Enabling and Updating Your Wifi Password and SSID

  1. Connect to ALTA Pro using the Radio Modem or USB

  2. Go to the System Parameters under the Parameter tab in the Vehicle Setup menu and find the SYS_COMPANION parameter.

  3. Change the SYS_COMPANION parameter to ‘ESP8266 (921600 baud, 8N1)’ and restart ALTA Pro to enable the WiFi connection.

To enable WiFi connectivity follow the steps below!

Please read this entire section if you intend to use the WiFi feature of ALTA Pro.

When flying multiple aircraft with WiFi enabled, take extreme caution to ensure that the aircraft connected to the laptop/mobile device is the desired craft. Failing to connect to the correct device may result in an inadvertently arming a aircraft or disarming one that is inflight.

ALTA Pro allows users to update the system’s WiFi password and SSID. All ALTA Pro’s initially come with WiFi disabled for safety reasons.

Once you have enabled ALTA Pro’s WiFi, change the password and SSID from their defaults!

  1. Connect to ALTA Pro’s WiFi using the initial password listed below

    1. SSID: [off] AltaPro-<serial number>; eg. [off] AltaPro-781880

    2. Password: altaalta

  2. Open your prefered web browser and go to

  3. Select setup, then update the SSID and password. Make sure to make the password is eight characters long, secure, and noted down somewhere in case you forget!

    1. Do not change any of the other menu items!

ALTA Pro passwords must be longer than eight characters and should be unique for each ALTA Pro. Do not use the same password on multiple machines!

We suggest not selecting ‘Connect Automatically’ when using WiFi to connect to ALTA Pro and clearly labeling each 900/868MHz RX/TX pair.

4. Once the password and SSID have been updated, hit the save button at the bottom of the menu. 5. Power cycle ALTA Pro and ensure you can connect to ALTA pro using the new password. 6. Connect to Futaba radio system and confirm both receivers work and system arms.

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