ALTA 8 Pro Ground Control Desktop and Mobile App

Qgroundcontrol for ALTA 8 Pro

Getting QGroundControl up and running is quick and easy! Use the ALTA Pro QGroundControl program to change ALTA Pro’s parameters, monitor statuses, and set up waypoint missions.

  1. Download and install the application.

  2. Start QGroundControl and ALTA Pro.

  3. Connect your vehicle to the ground station device.

    1. WiFi

      1. To connect to ALTA Pro via WiFi, find the ALTA Pro’s WiFi connection by searching for it in your device’s WiFi menu and then connect to it like you would any other device.

      2. You may have to enable the WiFi feature on ALTA Pro if it is your first time connecting.

    2. 900/868MHz

      1. Simply plug in the 900/868MHz radio into your computer using the attached USB cable. If ALTA Pro is turned on the two radio’s will automatically connect!

New Features


The implementation of QGroundControl into the ALTA Pro system results in new features.

  1. By harnessing the full power of the PX4 autopilot controller architecture, ALTA Pro has all the features of a modern drone: waypoints, autonomy, telemetry/C2, autoland, etc.

  2. Advanced, high-bandwidth position hold offers unprecedented precision, repeatability, and stability.

  3. PX4 integration will allow users to create and fly complicated waypoints missions with ease.

  4. The use of Mavlink and Dronecode protocol makes drone software integration possible and creates straightforward path to custom sUAS solutions for both cinema and business.

  5. ALTA Pro has a built in 900/868MHz radio which will allow for a range of up to 2 miles between the aircraft and ground station.

The ALTA Pro QGroundControl App will be actively maintained, and additional functionality may be added over time. For information on individual app updates, refer to the App release notes.

For a more indepth review of QGroundControl’s capabilities and workflows, please visit the QGroundControl User Guide.

If you are currently operating with an ALTA (Autopilot) version, there is no need to upgrade if you’re happy with the current feature set. The Autopilot-controlled ALTA has an excellent track record for reliability and smooth flight characteristics. Currently, the Alta Autopilot version offers Orbit mode functionality and the Velocity clamp feature. While the ALTA Pro will continue to see features added, it is does not currently support Orbit mode and Velocity clamp functionality.

When flying multiple aircraft at the same time, take extreme caution to ensure that the aircraft connected to the laptop/mobile device is the desired craft. Failing to connect to the correct device may result in an inadvertently arming a aircraft or disarming one that is inflight.

We suggest not selecting ‘Connect Automatically’ when using WiFi to connect to ALTA Pro and clearly labeling each 900/868MHz RX/TX pair.

900/868 MHz Radio

ALTA Pro makes use of a 900/868MHz radio to increase the communication range between the ALTA Pro and laptop ground station. This allows users to monitor, update, and reroute ALTA’s while up in the air or on the move.

All 900/868MHz radio’s are set to default signal strength when they leave our facility. Users are responsible for making sure they are operating within the bounds of the radio communication regulations in their area. The radio strength settings can be updated with the RFDTools program. Users will have to use the USB supplied with the radio modules to connect to their computer and update signal strength parameters. This should be done for both radios. Contact support for questions concerning how to update the radio settings.

QGroundControl Overview




Configure the QGroundControl application.

Configure and tune your vehicle.

Create autonomous missions.

Monitor you vehicle(s) while flying, including streaming video.

Download logs, geotag images from a survey mission, access the MAVLink console

Vehicle Messages

Click to show a dropdown of messages from the vehicle. This will change to a Yield sign if there are critical messages. Yield sign shown in image above.

GPS Status

Shows you satellite count and current hdop.


RC signal strength information.

Telemetry RSSI

Telemetry signals strength information.


Remaining battery percent.

Flight Mode

Current flight mode. Click to change flight mode.

RTK GPS Survey-In Status

Shows you progress of RTK GPS Survey-In process.*

*ALTA Pro does not ship with an RTK GPS

ALTA Pro Specific QGroundControl Features

Tuning Parameters

QGroundControl has a custom tab that allows quick access to the most important ALTA Pro parameters. These parameters are accessible through the ‘Tuning’ tab in the Vehicle Setup Menu.

ALTA Pro Parameters

Access to boom LEDs and OSD parameters are also located in the Vehicle Setup Menu, under the Parameters tab and in the ALTA grouping.

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