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360° Roll

360° roll video.

What is it?

Mōvi can now roll 360°+ degrees. We built in a suite of advanced roll modes so you can #justkeeprolling.

Here are some example methods. Read the ​360° Roll Guide​ to learn more or visit the ​Blackjack​ page for an overview!

  • Roll With Snap

  • Roll Continuously Via Pan

  • Axial Roll

  • Barrel Roll

  • Portrait Shooting

How to use?

New high-level “360° Roll” toggle enables new behavior for Roll and Tilt modes.

Additionally, Mōvi now has a brand new Axis Mode screen!!


Make sure you understand the ​theory​ and practice​ behind roll modes before you shoot for the best experience. There is a another whole guide​ that focuses on 360 Roll!

Majestic Methods

Majestic methods video.

What is it?

Choose from predefined shooting methods in a single click or create your own custom profiles. Go from whip to slow in seconds—without opening the app.

How to use?

Mōvi now includes a Majestic screen that lets you quickly switch between different majestic setting presets.


  • Try new Whip majestic preset together with Maniac​ mode! Also:

    • Whip preset temporarily sets Hold Strengths to 60.

    • Learn more on how to be a pro at using whip preset in this ​video.​

  • You can set your “user” preset by toggling to “user” in the Mōvi screen and then modifying values in the Mōvi Pro App. It will automatically remember those settings, no saving required.

Maniac Mode

Maniac mode video.

What is it?

  • 50% increased power to motors! More juice, more whips, more joy.

How to use?

  • Enable Maniac Mode for Mōvi Pro or Carbon: MōviPro App > ​Tuning > Advanced.

  • It has cool down time if used a lot. Motors are

    protected by an advanced thermal model that lowers current as needed.

    • Mōvi displays a warning on the details screen, shown as Drive “Limit” while in thermal cool down mode, but stays in Maniac Mode as long as possible.


Make sure to test your setup under load before going out on a serious shoot. Different setups have different power requirements.

  • Our test results show that the camera doesn’t shut down until Mōvi Pro batteries are less than 30% + RED & all accessory ports used + Maniac enabled + all motors maxed out.

  • Battery sets with poor health may not support Maniac Mode.

  • Maniac mode doesn’t automatically consume more power. Motors only draw more power if needed.

Autotune v3

What is it?

  • Autotune is now even smarter and more #prolevel! It models your payload in new ways to deliver the best software performance that is also tightly integrated with hardware.

How to use?

  • Just Autotune like before, every time you change payload or setup. Simple as that!

  • All new changes happen behind the scenes!


  • Since previous firmware, the default Hold Strengths have been increased from 8 to 30. This improves the disturbance rejection, but previously would lead to overshoot on fast commands with a heavy camera package. 2.0 resolves this overshoot.

  • We are testing with even higher hold strengths: 40-60 for pan, tilt and roll on Pro. Keep XL at 15-25 since it is already very strong.

  • Default tuning percentage of 70% is a little high from our testing. Try 50-65. New default is 60%.

Live Boot

Live boot video.

What is it?

  • Mōvi had the fastest boot time in the market with ~2 seconds.

    Now it’s even more robust.

  • Shaky shaky - We got rid of the motion booting setting. Now it’s called Live Boot and you don’t even have to think about it. MōVI will turn on instantly if you are running, jumping on a boat or barrel rolling on a plane.

Dynamic Fixed Mount

What is it?

  • Drift is annoying. Mōvi now features a dynamic fixed mount mode where the MōVI detects when it is stable and mitigates drift, using its high resolution encoders.


  • Mōvi Pro v2.0 knows when it is sitting still and uses this information to combat drift. Corrections are made exponentially when Mōvi is stationary. It takes about 15 seconds to get 50% correction and about minute for 90% correction.

  • If you are diagnosing a drift issue, make sure to turn off all controllers to determine if the source is Mōvi or one of the controllers.

Dynamic Drift Control

What is it?

  • Mōvi Pro 2.0 has learned to ignore the bad data from the accelerometer to help keep your shots level and stable, even in high accelerations without compass or GPS assist modes.


  • There are a lot of behind-the-scenes software features that make Mōvi more robust. We’re not relying on Heading Assist setting anymore and recommend keeping it off until you have a specific reason to use it. Additionally, the GPS option has been removed because GPS is now incorporated automatically.


  • Impact Recovery:​ Mōvi will automatically reset if it detects it was disturbed. Previously this would have affected an axis, such as roll, to be off for few minutes or require reboot.

  • Zoom Rate Scaling: ​Enable zoom rate scaling and the Mōvi will automatically slow down pan / tilt rate as you zoom in. Super helpful for catching Dave’s dance moves from afar.

  • Auto FIZ Cal on Boot: ​Mōvi can now automatically calibrate focus / iris / and zoom on powerup. Turn it on in Mōvi Pro App > Configurations > Dual Op > Adjustments

  • The​ Mōvi Wheels​ now automatically sets pan/tilt joystick settings to zeros for most responsive feel.

  • Bugfixes

    • Timelapse​ ​is now more robust!

    • And many more misc bugs!

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