Air Commander Entire Firmware Update

This page describes the procedure required to update the firmware on the Air Commander Entire.

Instructions to update Entire Air Commander Firmware can be found on Airpixel's website. This page explains how to update the Entire Air Commander firmware while connected to MoVI Carbon.

Download the Entire firmware.

We recommend you use the firmware available from the Freefly website, as we have thoroughly tested it with Movi Carbon.

Power on Movi Carbon.

Place the gimbal in sleep mode to prevent any unexpected motion.

Connect your PC to the Wi-Fi hotspot broadcast by the Entire.

Open the Entire webpage in your browser. The link is http://entire.

Open the navigation menu by clicking on the button in the top-right corner with three horizontal lines.

Then select “Firmware”.

Select the .img file downloaded earlier.

The firmware image will be uploaded to the Entire and decompressed.

Confirm Start.

Check the STATUS LED turns to Purple.

While the STATUS LED is Purple, Entire is rewriting memory (this is a critical step; do not power down the device at this step).

Once the LED turns to RED, Entire is restarting and making self-checks.

Once the firmware update is complete, you may need to reconnect your device to Entire via Wifi as instructed earlier.

To verify firmware has been successfully updated, navigate back to MENU under http://entire, and verify the number in front of “Firmware” matches the firmware number you were updating the device to (in the example below, grayed out).

Once the firmware version has been verified, you may disable sleep mode.

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