General Information and Techniques

General Information and Techniques


ALTA Pro ships from the factory with motors precisely aligned to minimize the difference in motor speed between clockwise turning and counterclockwise turning motors while in flight. Opening the chassis by removing the screws that attach either the top or bottom chassis plates affects this alignment and may reduce ALTA Pro performance.

Do not open the ALTA Pro chassis. Opening the chassis affects factory alignment.

All user maintainable items are outside the chassis and do not require the removal of screws attaching the top or bottom chassis plates.

Use Of Threadlocker

Bolts and screws this manual identifies as needing to be removed or replaced do not typically require threadlocking compound. This includes the screws holding on the handle, battery retention strap studs, battery stops, closeout panels, and the top male Toad In The Hole adapter. In addition, fasteners that attach to nuts with a nylon locking feature (nylock nuts) do not require threadlocker.

All structural fasteners require the use of threadlock. This includes chassis screws, lower male Toad In The Hole adapter, motor attachment fasteners, and the four M3 x 8 socket head bolts that attach the folding propeller to the motor. Typically, a low strength threadlocker (such as Loctite Purple 222) is used on structural fasteners.

Fastener Installation

The Freefly hex drivers included with ALTA Pro are designed to limit the torque that can be applied to each bolt or screw and help prevent stripping the fastener head.

Thread all fasteners into their respective holes until snug (when the fastener head bottoms out and lightly clamps the two mating parts together).

To prevent excessive tightening and damaging the fastener or parts, twist the driver from the smaller diameter knurled section of the tool between your thumb and index finger for small fasteners (under size M3) or with your thumb and two forefingers for larger fasteners (size M3 and larger).

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