MoVI XL Setup Stand
During development of MoVI XL we built a modular test stand and balancing rig. We found this stand to be very useful for building and balancing camera payloads before mounting XL to a vehicle or crane. Below you can find information and links to assist you in making your own!
You will need 3 things for this build:
The frame : We have built out a model of the stand on where you can either; click to buy the parts and assemble yourself or check out the bill-of-materials and cut-list so you can build your own from scratch.
The adapter plate : This will allow you to mount the Movi XL Quick Release to the frame. You can fabricate this yourself, or order it from a service like Protolabs or Xometry.
The quick release : The Movi XL Quick Release Kit can be found in the Freefly Systems Store. We recommend using M6x20 FHCS (qty6) to attach to the Quick Release to the adapter plate.
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