Freefly's RTK GPS modules provides a drop-in replacement for existing PX4 GPS modules, and integrates the cutting-edge U-Blox multi-band ZED-F9P GPS module to provide you with centimeter-level positional accuracy.


  • RTK: (Real Time Kinematics) Provides cm-level GPS accuracy

  • Base Station: Ground GPS, provides GPS correction data

  • Rover: Aircraft GPS, uses base station correction data to calculate heading

  • Survey-in: Process in which base station calculates its position

Benefits of Freefly RTK GPS

  • RTK provides cm-level positional accuracy

    • Improves sensor data, and flight performance

  • The multi-band GPS and antenna translate in higher satellite count, fast lock, even in non-RTK mode

Included in the Box

  • 2x GPS modules with antennas

  • USB C to A cable

  • Magnetic quick-mount for base station module

  • Screws to mount onto AltaX