Remote ID Broadcast Module

IO Panel Upgrade

Locate Bay 3 (IO Bay) - this will already have an IO Assembly installed.

Remove the pull door and undo the (2x) M3x 6 Button Head Screws. Set these aside for later

Unplug the ZPD connector going to the IO Panel, then gently push on the pack of the panel to uninstall it from AltaX. You may need to squeeze the plastic housing a bit from the top/bottom.

Install the new IO Panel in the open bay so the USB connector is on the side closest to Bay 4. You should feel it 'click' into place.

Make sure not to pinch the antenna cable when installing the installing the new IO Panel

Reinstall (2x) M3x 6 Button Head Screws and then connect the ZPD Connector to the new IO Panel and reinstall the pull door.

Broadcast Module Specs

  • Output frequency: 2.4Ghz (2.402 - 2.481 GHz for Bluetooth 5)

  • Transmit power: +18dBm (63mW) max

  • Power consumption: Insignificant (~379mW peak consumption, which will decrease Alta's flight time by less than 0.15 seconds over a 25 minute flight for example)

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