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Covers basic connection over USB and Wifi

Wifi Setup

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Ethernet Setup

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USB Connection

As of v2.0 You can connect the Ember App to your camera via USB for control, export and live preview. To get started you'll want to use a USB 3.0 Cable for the best performance.

Note: These instructions are valid for the macOS Ember App as well, but you'll select disks in the Finder instead of the Files app.

Select USB for Device Connection

Then use the "Connect to USB Gallery" button.

This will open a File selection view. Use the button in the top right to access:

Access the SSD using Sidebar -> Locations -> EMBER A000 or the name of your Ember SSD.

Once selected the App UI will show the Disk and if it was a camera, the option to select the CTRL drive to enable USB Control.

Once you've selected Ember A000 with the 'Open' button in the top right you can use the "Select Ember CTRL drive" In the side panel, you should see a new "EMBER CTRL" disk. Select then 'Open'.

This app is now connected to the SSD for the fastest Playback and Export experience as well as Control and Live Preview.

Ember App will try to remember your selection, so for future sessions you'll be able to just plug in and get connected.

You can continue to Select an external disk to read Ember clips you've stored there to Export trimmed clips, or stabilize original clips or clips that have been trimmed though Ember App.

Updated 2024-05-22

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