Software Release Notes


  • Summary: F9P RTK GPS Support and Safety Improvements

  • Release Date: March 2020

  • Versions in this package:

    • FMU: v1.3.x

    • QGroundControl: v1.3.x

  • Notes:

    • New Feature: F9P RTK GPS Support

    • New Feature: Optional RC disarm toggle to prevent manual disarm in flight

    • New Feature: Onboard checking of critical parameters

    • Bugfix: LEDs on ALTA X place a significant load on the 5V EXT bus

    • Improvement: Check for RTL switch enable before takeoff, warn if no homepoint

    • Improvement: Don't require reboot when wifi parameters are modified

    • Improvement: Lockout feature to guide people to only use the ALTA with the Freefly version of the QGroundControl


  • Summary: Initial ALTA X release

  • Release Date: September 2019

  • Versions in this package:

    • FMU: v1.2.x

    • QGroundControl: v1.1.x