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Astro ships with the Herelink system. Here is the CubePilot documentation. Below are a few points specific to usage with Astro.

Hardware Controls

Herelink ships in Mode 2 configuration. (Freefly have not tested Mode 1 extensively.)

Mission Control GUI

Herelink ships with the Auterion Mission Control (AMC) app installed. Details of the GUI are in the AMC section of the wiki.


The color scheme can be set to Outdoor (white background) or Indoor (black background) in AMC > Settings.
Screen brightness and audio volume can be adjusted in Android settings, found by using the pull down gesture from the top of the screen. We recommend maximum brightness and volume.


Antennas should be oriented so that the whip antenna points vertically upward and the disc patch antenna's top surface faces Astro.

Control Sticks

The Herelink Controller that is shipped with Astro comes with two different styles of control sticks. You can use whichever kind you want depending on if you are a "pinch" style or a "thumb" style grip.
To change the sticks, simply unscrew them like a standard bolt and thread on the other stick version.
NOTE: When traveling with the Herelink Controller, it is important to remove the sticks to prevent controller damage. The Astro Case was designed for the sticks to remain on, but for any other non-Freefly travel protection the sticks must be removed.


Charging requires at least 2 amps of current. Less will cause the device to charge slowly or even loose charge.
We recommend connecting Herelink to a power source while flying. With the display at maximum brightness, flight time on the internal battery can be quite short.
We charge Herelink with SL-8 batteries and have found that Herelink consumes about 3% of the SL-8 battery per hour. (USB-C to USB Micro-B cables are sometimes tough to find, so we carry them in the Freefly Store.)
Power on and open AMC
Power on and open AMC
First time: Enable Wifi hotspot
Pull down from top of screen and activate hotspot (icon at far right, concentric arcs)
Connect to Herelink wifi network (named something like “Android…” or “DV...”)
We recommend connecting to a power source whenever the hotspot is being used. Herelink battery life is significantly reduced when the hotspot is active. (If you'd like to use a SL-8 battery, we offer the cable you'll need.)

WiFi Hotspot

The wifi hotspot allows another device (e.g. PC) to connect to Herelink.
Enable / Disable: Pull down gesture from top of screen, two times. Tap concentric circles icon.
Hotspot settings: Hold the hotspot icon > Tethering & portable hotspot.
Herelink is only able to connect to 5GHz hotspots. This is available on many modern Android devices and iPhone 12 and later. In order for the Herelink to recognize an iPhone 12, the "Maximize compatibility" in the iPhone hotspot menu needs to be turned off.


The Herelink runs Android. Do not change any Android settings except as directed in the wiki.
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