Power is provided by two Freefly SuperLight batteries. Learn more about SuperLight batteries in their wiki.
Use only Freefly SuperLight batteries. Use of other batteries will likely cause damage to Astro and the batteries.
The aircraft evaluates battery level from the State of Charge (e.g. 72%), not voltage (e.g. 23 Volts).
The battery voltage bus runs between 18 and 25.2 volts. Connection to battery voltage is available via the I/O panel.
In an emergency, the aircraft is capable of flying and landing safely on one battery.
It is not possible to power the aircraft via the USB-C port.
Bench Mode: Astro will only arm (i.e. spin the motors) if 2 batteries are installed. When powering Astro for non-flying purposes (e.g. benchtop testing), connect only one battery.
Bench mode is not a substitute for the absolute safety of removing propellers.

Motors, Drives, and Propellers

Astro features the F45 motor found on Alta 6 and 8 but with a larger 21 inch plastic prop. A larger prop was introduced to increase flight times given the lower nominal payload limit on Astro as compared to our larger drones.
The Freefly-developed motor drive is known internally as the Astro100 drive and is the fastest response field oriented control drive that we have ever tested. This response time is critical to achieving precise flight characteristics even with large props. The Astro100 drive can accelerate and decelerate the prop much faster than the original F45 drive used on Alta aircraft.
The props are 21" fiber reinforced plastic props which help lower vibration and and increase flight time.


Configure and Enable / Disable

  1. 1.
    Open AMC Herelink or PC
  2. 2.
    Power Astro
  3. 3.
    If using PC, connect to Astro with USB cable
  4. 4.
    Navigate to AMC > Vehicle Setup > WiFi
Wifi Mode
Astro connects to another wifi network
Access Point
Astro creates a wifi network. Other devices can connect.

Connect to Astro via wifi

  1. 2.
    Enter SSID and password in the wifi settings of your device.


Configure and Enable / Disable

  1. 1.
    Open AMC Herelink or PC
  2. 2.
    Navigate to Vehicle Setup > Cellular

Hardware Disable

Gain access the SIM via the SIM card maintenance procedure.

Frequencies and Compatibility

At launch, the LTE modem will work in North America only. Other regions coming soon.

Changing SIM / Service Provider

When switching SIM cards, try leaving the APN field blank. It should be automatically detected. If not, here are a few suggestions.
In most cases, check the "Allow Roaming" box.
After changing the SIM, reboot both the aircraft and AMC.

Onboard Computer

Processor: 1.8 GHz Quad Cortex-A53 Memory: 4 GB RAM

Landing Sensor

The landing sensor is an IR Diode rangefinder with a range capability of approximately 9m.
This sensor is not appropriate for terrain following.
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